Is Air Travel The Safest Mode Of Mass Transport?

Are you someone who fears air travel more than anything else in the world, and are willing to spend more time and money on using any other mode, just to feel safer? It’s only natural to feel uncomfortable with having to travel onboard a flying metal machine that can just plummet down to the ground at any time, but thanks to the latest developments in the aircraft engineering sector, you can relax and feel a lot safer about this mode of transportation. Has anyone ever told you that you are more likely to die in a car accident that a plane crash? Well, they weren’t lying. Continue reading this article to learn why aerial transportation is the safest form of all and how. Go here  for more information about  helicopter communication systems. 

Loads of testing

Manufacturing an airplane is quite an operation and only a handful of organizations are capable of undertaking such enterprises. They are constantly trying to improve the safety levels of their products to help the passengers feel safer and every year, various new additions and improvements are made to existing units. Wing flexibility testing is done to ensure that the wings are as flexible as they can be and can handle highly pressurized streams of air, like the ones they will come across way up in the sky. Planes are also tested several times before being sold to ensure they are perfectly compatible with aviation satellite phone automated flight following systems that allow pilots to avoid midair collisions and communicate effectively with ground parties.

Effective communication

In air travel, the key to safety is constant and effective communication with all stakeholders on the ground. Once in flight, the pilots may find it extremely difficult to maneuver the plane, especially if the weather conditions are harsh. In such a situation, the control towers will provide them with the information and updates about the location and routes of other flights, where the nearest landing strips are and the best course of action to be taken in an emergency situation. It is mandatory to have Satphone for helicopters and other flying vehicles because of this very reason and regular checks must be done to ensure these are fully functional.

Increased security

Security levels of all operations done in parallel to airliners have increased significantly in the recent past following various terrorist activities and aircraft crashes. Better fences and patrol units keep an eye on everything and everyone that enters and exits an airfield and luggage scanners use the best technology around to monitor the contents of all luggage that pass through the gates. Most international airports will even perform full baggage checks if they see the need and tall this is done to keep you safe.

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