The Pros And Cons Of Technology

Technology has been the forefront of growth. Technology can make and break a nation. The most successful nations are always the most technologically advanced. Every aspect of everything we do is governed by technology. Since the beginning, we have used technology. First as a survival tool and thereafter to improve human life and condition. Today, technology growth is fast due to people being dedicated to it. There are many avenues to technology and each offer something new and unique. Despite all that technology has provided us, there are certain issues as well. Here’s a list of pros and cons of technology.



Technology drives innovation. People want to create new things and when they create something great, it becomes part of our lives. Some examples are the steam engine, horseless carriages or cars, printing press, computer and internet are some that have integrated into our everyday lives. From fiber optic network switch to high speed internet. Due to this, over the years, technology growth has become faster with more and more innovators.


Technology has made our lives more comfortable. Over the years, the levels of comfort have improved. For example, we had use email on our computers to send an email a few years back but today, we can send one from our smartphone.  From advanced POE media converter to fiber optics, even industries benefit. Similarly, we can buy things online without having to leave the comfort of our homes.


Technology has improved our health. Historically, humans died due to many diseases and issues that weren’t identifiable. Today, technology has enabled us to diagnose and cure dangerous diseases and sicknesses. Humans now live longer than ever before and birth rates have risen while death rates have fallen dramatically. This improvement has also led to overpopulation issues as well.


Loss of jobs

Technology has come to a point where machines are able to do many tasks. Due to this, people may lose their jobs. For example, when a car company has machines to assemble the car, it won’t require manual labor and will ask the workers to leave. With this fast-paced technology, there may not even be drivers as some cars are able to drive themselves.


Technology can be dangerous be technology has allowed us to create weapons of mass destructions that can not only harm and wipe out human lives, it can affect the planet and everything living in it too. Similarly, danger doesn’t have to come from weapons because technology can go haywire and affect business and transactions as well. We live in a word that technology can save or destroy us.

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